11 Strategies We Implemented to Achieve These Results

Content marketing depends on many factors to generate positive long-term results.

It is not enough to produce blog posts with all the green dots. In wordpress yoast seo if they do not provide real value to the user.

It is also not enough to get many backlinks from a single website. Since the google algorithm values ​​the diversity of domains that link to a page.

That is why our millionaire number only became a reality through. The combination of different strategies, which have allowed. Us to consolidate the organic authority that we enjoy today.

From now on we tell you the details of this whole plan!

1. Production of relevant content for the user

It is the basic premise of success in the strategy that any company must keep in mind to position well in google.

Increasingly, the search engine algorithm takes into account the fluidity of the user’s reading experience, the R&D Directors Email Lists diversity of content formats and the main thing: that the internet user’s doubt is answered with qualified, precise and well-structured information.

When searching for a keyword, the user always has a communicative intention behind it and that tells us what data he wants to find.

From a deep data analysis work, we can extract ideas to

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Structure the content we produce and thus guide it to the needs of our audience. We call this effort keyword research and in the previous link we explain in detail how it works.

In this sense, it is inevitable to carefully observe the google results page (serps) for which we want our content to position. With its different resources we have a better idea of ​​what groups of information should be in our article.

Let’s take as an example a blog post that we produced on the concept of “Target market” and that today is located in the featured snippet ( featured snippet ).

Analyzing the websites that appeared in google for this keyword, it became clear that the user wanted to find content that explored the concept and its practical applications well.

This intention is also noted in the “Related searches” section, which appears at the bottom of the page.

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