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People are touched by emotion. In fact, people make Qatar Phone Number choices based on emotion. Scientifically it is assumed that at least 90-95% of the choices we make every day are not deliberately made, but are made unconsciously ¹. Based on our own built-in autopilot, for example while cycling or driving, and based on feeling. Emotion is what comes to us.This can Qatar Phone Number be substantiated by neuroscience and psychology. It’s how our brain, which is made up of different parts works approximately. Broadly speaking, it works in this order for us: we are touched, then convinced and finally we connect an Qatar Phone Numberaction to it.

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Just like with people, feelings play an Qatar Phone Number important role in a company. Whether you click with someone is not a choice, a click is there or there is not. This also works for organizations. It is a process in your emotional brain (limbic system). What is the advantage of seeing a company as a brand from a vision perspective? A new service or product Qatar Phone Number usually starts with a vision. Vision of what the ideal world could look like. Achieving this and how to do it is the mission. When you think, operate and communicate from a vision, a clear line is created. That vision is then translated into a Qatar Phone Number mission, values, principles and methods.

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A company as a brand ensures that all those Qatar Phone Number parts are captured in a congruent form. With people you can talk about ‘a person’ and as far as I’m concerned we also see a brand as a personality. That gives you something to hold on to. The content of the organization remains consistent, because it is always based on the vision and mission. The brand monitors Qatar Phone Number the content and ensures a stable and individual character. This ultimately produces its own image and, in the long run, ensures recognisability. The image is Qatar Phone Number the characteristics on which the organization is known to the target group.

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