14 Tips to Generate Leads Without Spending a Penny With Ads

Now that you know how we classify the business opportunities within our base. I will show you the strategies we use to attract and convert these. People and tips that can be applicable to your digital marketing strategy as well.

You probably already know some of these strategies, but here we will tell you exactly. How we apply them so that they give us results.

Come with me!

1. Define your buyer persona
All the actions that I am going to mention in this list are much more effective in practice. Because they take into account our buyer personas.

The buyer persona is the semi-fictional representation of our ideal client. It has a name, title, professional objectives, main marketing problems, among other data.

This helps us direct all our strategic actions within the marketing team. As we create content focused on the people we want to reach. And on their customer journey , optimizing our efforts.

To learn more about buyer personas and how to create your own, I recommend our free material :

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2. Organize your sales funnel

Before implementing a lot of marketing actions , my suggestion is to organize the sales funnel of your business.

If you are not familiar with the CEO Email Addresses term, the sales funnel is the representation of the. Stages that a potential client goes through, before the sale is closed.

This helps the marketing team in terms of its alignment with the sales force. As it establishes processes so that everyone meets the business objectives.

With a more defined funnel, you will be able to better decide the marketing. Strategies and actions that you are going to put into practice.

3. Create downloadable content that arouses the attention of your audience

CEO Email Addresses

Content is the main pillar of rock content and that is why we feed. Our blog every day with useful information for our audience.

But, speaking of generating contacts, it is interesting. To create some more complete content or in formats other than those. Usually published by the blog, to offer them as downloadable materials.

In exchange for the free downloadable content, some information is requested. From the user, which will be important for their qualification. Within your company’s contact base.

Here are some downloadable content formats we use here at rock:

The ebook is the free material format that we produce the most here. Basically, it is a long and complete content on a topic that. Our buyer persona can help.

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