18 Tips to Humanize your Business with Video Marketing

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Video marketing is growing rapidly. It’s also a versatile tool to use throughout the customer buying journey and is very engaging, whether you create customer testimonials, how-to, or brand videos.

Vidyard, the video business Cambodia Phone Number platform and a WSI partner, recently held its quarterly virtual summit on video sales and marketing. Fast Forward: Humanizing Digital Sales and Marketing highlighted that sales and marketing need to be “human-to-human” rather than the standard “business-to-business.”

Attendees learned how to build the connections, trust, and confidence that buyers need before purchasing. The aim was to highlight how video must be used to humanize outreach. Here are highlights of some of the top presentations.

Key Takeaways from Fast Forward Presentations

As with the previous Fast Forward Summits, the speakers were experts in their fields. Todd Caponi, President at Sales Melon and author of the book The Transparency Sale, was the keynote speaker.

Other speakers include Todd Hartley, CEO at WireBuzz, Sheena Badani, Senior Director of Marketing at Gong, and Adam Perry, Vice President of Revenue Enablement, Demandbase, to name but a few.

Salespeople ruin everything

“The greatest first step to convince a potential prospect or partner that you are genuinely interested in helping them is to be genuinely interested in helping them.” Todd Caponi

In his presentation, Salespeople Ruin Everything: Lessons from the Past to Guide Us in the Now, Todd Caponi takes the audience on a humorous journey back in time, when sales were still a trusted and admired profession. He explores how technology impacted the effectiveness and perception of sales and how to use technology today to create a better experience for buyers.

Audience takeaway:

  • Businesses need a fresh perspective on sales technology’s role in their sales processes.
  • Look for new ideas on how to prioritize and optimize your sales stack.
  • Understand how to develop genuine empathy for the buying brain.

Prospecting with video

Some of the most successful video prospectors of 2022 share how they use video in their outbound efforts to conquer their quotas. In their session, Prospecting with Video: Top Prospectors Reveal Their Tips for Boosting Effectiveness and Efficiency, the presenters share what works for them and how they scale their efforts to send hundreds of videos every month. They cover it all, from pre-recorded content to support outbound campaigns to highly targeted one-to-one videos!

Audience takeaway:

  • Always look for new ideas on using video for outbound prospecting.
  • Tips to scale the use of video efficiently.
  • Sample video templates, email subject lines, and more.

‘Red flag moments’ where videos can accelerate sales

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Audience takeaway:

  • A framework for identifying key moments where videos can accelerate the sales process.
  • Tips for creating and delivering sales videos to maximize their impact.
  • How to approach videos to ensure they will drive the desired outcomes.

How videos can humanize your sales process

Building on Todd Caponi’s keynote session, top sales representatives share how they embraced video to scale their sales efforts and create the best possible experience for their buyers. The presentation, Humanizing Your Sales Process: Top Video Sellers Spill ALL Their Secrets, discusses the types of videos they found most effective and how they developed their video creation confidence.

Audience takeaway:

  • New ideas on how to use video to enhance the sales process.
  • Tips for growing on-camera confidence.
  • Best practices to get the most value out of a Vidyard development.

Unleashing AI to create better experiences

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