25 Things a Child Can Have During a Blockade and Other Things

In conclusion, Netflix and Amazon Prime aren’t the only options. Also, you don’t necessarily have to pay for a subscription to watch a lot of great movies. However, Open culture has a great list of 1150 free movies currently available online. If you have an eligible college or library card, you may also have access to Kanopy, which offers thousands of additional movie options for free.

Documentaries and Movies Have Recently Become More

popular with children. There are several websites where you can access free documentaries. Whether you’re interested in sharks, revolutions, or serial killers, you’ll find something interesting to see during the blockade. Some great sites include DocumentaryTube. Top documentary films, and documentary heaven. Philippines Photo Editor

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History offers a virtual tour of the exhibits. It is the largest museum and research facility in the world, with 19 museums, 9 research centers, and affiliates around the world. The British Museum has wonderful relics from around the world and is still open to virtual visitors.

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The Normally Packed Exhibits Are Free to Roam at Any Time,

so you can hone your knowledge of Egypt, see the controversial Parthenon Marble, or stay away for hours. Explore Roman architecture and history as you walk through 3D digital models of ancient cities. Current technology is also useful for exploring other cities and online, including forums, Capitoline Hill, and a virtual tour of ancient Rome to explore famous monuments. Huge numbers of art galleries and museums around the world have digitized their collections and are now offering free virtual tours.

MoMA in New York is just one of the great galleries you can visit from your sofa. Here you can enjoy Pollock and Monet without being crowded. MoMA’s rich and diverse collection provides a panoramic overview of modern and contemporary art, from the innovative European paintings and sculptures of the 1880s to today’s films, designs and performance art.

OLOGY, the children’s website of the National Museum of History, is a resource-related activity on a variety of topics, including anthropology, archeology, astronomy, biodiversity, brain, climate change, Earth, Einstein, expeditions, and genetics. To students. , Marine biology, paleontology, water, and zoology. Children can go to the main page by simply clicking on the topic.

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