3 Actions to Increase the Organic Ctr of Your Website

The first step for any strategy, including those focused on increasing the organic. Ctr of your page, is to define why and where you will increase it.

In case you were wondering, seo and ctr have a very intimate relationship. In other words: search engines consider that a website. Is popular for the impression and click rate (ctr) and to increase this. Indicator you have to be well positioned , that is, optimizing. The pages to reach the top positions.

One feeds the other. In this sense, organic ctr is essential to position a website. Which leads to conversion opportunities, business generation, online visibility and brand recognition .

Now, speaking specifically of those techniques aimed at impacting your organic results. In google, whether it is a blog , a website or an online store, we have compiled. The best tricks that you can follow to increase the ctr organically.

1. Write a great SEO title

If your blog has a cms or a content management system, you must. Have a section where you must define the main theme of your website, blog, post, among others. To increase the ctr you must pay special attention to COO Email List the title tag, that is. The meta title that you set to appear in google.

In wordpress , this title is different from the one you put as. The h1 heading of your content, because it has the function of stimulating. The user to click on your page in google, so it must be defined based on this objective.

Here you can see the wordpress section that defines the title that. Will be assigned to your page when it appears in google, using the yoast seo plugin.

The trick in this sense is to include in each meta title the keyword that you. Want to position, which is also part of the title of the website, blog, or post.

To do it correctly, you need to think about what word you can use to best. Define your material or page and use it in a short sentence that. Has an unspoken meaning about your content.

2. Take care of your URLs

COO Email List

This could be the automatically generated link for a blog post. It is confusing, long and does not say anything to the search engine. Or the user, it does not specify what it contains, nor what is the keyword that is intended to be positioned.

Also, by putting the number “10” in the url, this page would have. Less chance of being updated in the future. If you wanted to increase the number of content marketing tricks to 14, for example. This would sound strange to the user, because the url indicates that there are 10.

In digital marketing it is interesting to make a page that can. Be constantly updated over time so that it remains relevant.

In this sense, not including temporary elements in the urls. Is a very good practice, because it allows you to update the content as many. Times as you want, without causing a wrong interpretation in the user.

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