33 WordPress Plugins That You Can Implement to Give Your Web Pages More Professionalism

WordPress plugins are essential tools to complement the functionalities. Of a site or blog, collaborating at all times for better positioning on. Search pages and in the user experience. For example, they can guide you in the production. Of content or create sitemaps for google to index.

Have you already heard about wordpress seo plugins ? They are essential tools to complement the functionalities of a website or blog. Only with that you can already have an idea of ​​how important they are.

In this article we are going to present you with a list of the best. WordPress plugins and how to take advantage of them. Join us!

1. Disqus: the plugin dedicated to comments

This is a plugin aimed at inserting comments on your blog. Even though some templates already come with this. Functionality, disqus is fully dedicated to it.

In addition, it also works as a kind of social network, since disqus users can interact. Within the platform and check which blogs they left comments on.

This makes your blog visible to Administration Directors Email Lists a larger number of people, especially. Those who belong to the network of contacts of the person who commented.

This, incidentally, is another advantage of the plugin: its users are real and. Not bots programmed to leave random comments in order to generate engagement.

2. Redirection: the plugin that redirects to your content

Administration Directors Email Lists

Updating the content of a website or blog is a fairly common action. After all, if your service changes, it’s essential to update that information. On the company’s website. But what happens when you need to change the url as well ?

For example: you have a product registered at the following address. Yourcompanyname.Com/productx, however, you need to change. It to yourcompanyname.Com/producty. Making the switch may be easy, but how does your traffic fare?

If google had product x on the first page of results. It will not do the same for product y, since the url is new. It will go through the whole indexing process that works in the long run.

Therefore, so that you do not lose your position, it is necessary to make a redirect. It is that function that the redirection plugin performs.

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