4 Strategies to Improve the Ctr of Your Ads in Google Ads

Many of the tips that you will find online have to do with optimizing the copywriting for your Ads, but this is currently not enough.

If you want to go further, here we will tell you 3 tricks to boost your ads and increase your CTR.

1. Use negative keywords
A crucial part of having really effective Ads is using negative keywords.

When you use the keywords, you tell Google those terms for which you want to be shown to gain digital visibility, right?

Well, when it is the opposite, you indicate those words to which, under no concept or circumstance, do you want to be associated.

To keep your ads relevant to the type of user or potential visitor you want to attract, you must determine those words or phrases that have nothing to do with what you offer.

2. Consider the location of your campaigns

Users from different places do the same searches in different contexts.

Imagine that two different users search for “clothes for December”, but one lives in Mexico and the other in Colombia. The Founder Email Lists meaning or search intention changes substantially depending on the location .

To increase the CTR of your Ads campaigns, location is a factor that you must master first. Understanding how geography and culture affect user behavior online is vital for every investment you make to improve your CTR to be effective.

For example, ask yourself where the public you want to impact is, that is, geographically. Do users from CDMX have a better ROI than those from Jalisco for your strategy? If this is so, it will be better to start with the first one.

Google has tools like ValueTrack parameters. This data allows you to territorially follow the clicks that are made from the devices.

To begin with, you can focus on two location-based parameters: physical locations and locations of interest.

3. Eliminate keywords that are repeated

Founder Email Lists
Keywords are a problem that any PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign has to deal with at some point.

As you create the ads for your campaigns , you add the keywords that make sense at the time. But, eventually, you will realize that you have used the same keyword for two or more ads or, they are already irrelevant to your interests or to your market .

If you’ve done search analysis for your campaigns and realized that you have multiple places with the same keyword, don’t worry. Google does not prevent you from doing it for different campaigns.

What you have to do is enter Google Adwords, go to your account tab and access the search terms. Here you will see all the searches and keywords that produce paid traffic to your site.

In this way, you will know which is the campaign with the repeated keyword that produces the most results for your interests. So, pause the others and you will see the CTR increase when you give space to the most appropriate Ad.

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