5 Tools to Measure Website Speed

Google is committed to making the internet faster. The search giant understands user behavior very well and. Knows what experience they expect.

It is no coincidence that, in 2010, the search engine included load speed as one. Of the ranking factors and that, in 2018, it extended that criterion to mobile searches .

In addition, a few months ago the largest search engine in the world announced that. The user experience on the page will be one of the main. Ranking factors from the current year.

To help sites that want to improve their speed, google has created. Some tools that help diagnose pages and point out corrections. That can be made.

Next, we will show you some of them.

1. PageSpeed ​​Insights

This is the most popular page speed test tool. PageSpeed ​​Insights is a free resource powered by developers and offered by Google.

Using it is very simple, enter the URL you want to test (it can be any website, including the competition).

The platform then performs an analysis and presents a score from 0 to 100 for performance on desktop and mobile devices.

The diagnostic also shows how long it took for website elements to load and what steps you can take to improve the speed. The closer to VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists 100 the better, it means you have to fix fewer items.

Lighthouse is open source software offered by Google and used to audit websites.

It can be run as a command line tool or as a Google Chrome extension (with a more user-friendly interface).

It analyzes not only the speed, but also all aspects of the quality of the website.

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To do this, you must enter the URL you want to audit so that the platform presents a score and improvement tips for each of these requirements:

better practices;
progressive web apps
3. Chrome User Experience Report
The Chrome User Experience Report ( Chrome User Report ) is also a Google tool for developers used to evaluate the user experience on the site.

Unlike the other tools, this one requires a bit more technical knowledge to work with the codes.

The tool collects real data from Google Chrome users and shows average website data including site speed .

Therefore, developers can compare their performance with the average and assess which points need improvement.

google master kit
GTmetrix is ​​a well-known tool for measuring the speed of websites.

After analyzing the page you indicate, the platform presents a percentage score for speed, load time and total page size, as well as showing market averages for comparison.

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