8 Actions to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Web Pages

So far, we have talked about the most common practices among companies. That are not achieving the conversion rate they want.

But what other alternatives exist to further increase that volume?

Always keep in mind: there is always something to improve .

Precisely for this reason, we will tell you what actions you can take to. Boost your conversions and reach the end of the month without red metrics.

Define a Content Marketing strategy

Producing quality content that offers solutions to the main problems of the audience and meets the demands of the buyer persona helps not only in brand recognition , but also in increasing conversions through the sales funnel.

Basically, the sales funnel works as a filter, where many users arrive and the volume is reduced until those with high converting power remain .

In this context, a content strategy will allow you to develop an optimized and satisfactory conversion process for your funnel , offering content from the user’s first contact with the business until the completion of the sale.

So that you can build an efficient content journey, keep in mind the 3 main stages:

Funnel top
The top is the widest part of the funnel, where the largest volume of public is concentrated.

Here the objective is to boost the visibility of the website in search engines ( seo ) and social networks to attract the largest number of people who have a chance of becoming customers.

To do this, we recommend the PR Directors Email Lists creation of content that helps the potential client to detect their problems and needs. In this case, you can use formats like:

Blog posts;
Podcasts ;
Posts on social networks.
For example, if your company has human resources management software, you can produce content oriented to broader topics that are related in some way to this solution, such as:

What is recruitment 4.0;
How to reduce the turnover of your company;
X employer branding techniques;

Middle of the funnel

PR Directors Email Lists
Already in the middle of the funnel, the contents must deliver several solutions and, among them, consider the solution offered by your business as one of the options, but you will not necessarily have to mention your company directly. This action is more suitable at the bottom of the funnel.

Continuing with the example of hr software, it is convenient to give more specificity to the contents, because here the user is already at a more advanced stage of his approach to the purchase decision.

Some possible topics for the materials would be:

X advantages of a software for your recruitment processes;
How to use ai to attract the ideal candidate;
Why a digital platform can increase the engagement of your collaborators with your company;

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