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Employees are the most important link Repetition has almost Indonesia Phone Number List no effect We all understand that the threat of punishment is useless. First, it is not executable. Because who is going to fine those hundreds of thousands of people who are on their way to non-essential appointments outside the door every day? Elections are coming. So which politician is going to announce Indonesia Phone Number List unpopular measures? Leave that to the opposition. For example, you A Communication Consultant saw Jesse Klaver choose his words very carefully: “Just stand on it”. However, there is a much more important reason for not handing out punishment.

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It is not very effective. Okay, it is more effective than inciting Indonesia Phone Number the desired behavior (read: repeating (antecedents) of the message ‘that we are all okay if we behave ourselves’). That is like putting up more speed signs along the road and hoping that more people Indonesia Phone Number List will stick to the speed limit. If there is no control, no one will slow down. No matter how many signs there are. In short: repeating the message has virtually no effect. Punishment does have an effect: just look at the A2, because there you do get a fine if you drive faster than 102. Punishment is a reinforcer.

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It reduces the unwanted behavior, but in a negative way. As soon as Indonesia Phone Number List we stop punishing, people will drive faster again. Just look at the lanes on the A2, where the trajectory control is turned off for a while. Influencing behavior Influencing behavior is just that Indonesia Phone Number List little bit more fascinating. Following on from Skinner ‘s work, one of the foremost scientists in this field, Aubrey Daniels , identified three criteria that make reinforcement of behavior stronger: if they. be positive (relative to negative), be immediate (as opposed to future), and to be certain (relative to uncertain). In short, if we want to reinforce desired behavior, we must do it positively, directly and people must be able to rely on the fact that the reinforcement will actually come.

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