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if there is a rapidly growing market. It is online courses. After all. Everyone seeks to learn new skills and develop new skills. Whether to grow professionally or even as a hobby. Online courses offer this and much more. With them. It is possible to learn anything and. For those who want to undertake. The market represents an ocean of opportunities! The best part: if before you had to have a computer to watch courses. Today you can watch courses on your smartphone or tablet. Anywhere you have an internet connection. The tutor manages to reach more and more people and the student has total autonomy over his learning process. The benefits are numerous and the growth of this market is no coincidence.

In this post. We will analyze how the online course market works and show data that prove that distance learning is not just a trend but a reality that you should know about. Come on? The growth of the online course market in the world we live in a world where everyone is connected. With the growth of access to technologies such as smartphones. Tablets and computers. New ways of consuming educational content have emerged. Online courses are a form of distance learning that has never been so popular. Even traditional institutions are creating and distributing short and long-term online courses that students around the world can access.

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Not only the number of online courses has increased. But also the variety of them and with innovative teaching methods. Recognized universities Estonia Phone Numbers such as harvard and oxford offer free online courses. This shows that the whole world recognizes online courses as a way to democratize education. Offering valuable and accessible content for all. Market x-ray in brazil following the world trend. The online course market in brazil continues to grow. It is a model that offers great benefits to both the teacher and the student. There are several types of online courses. Such as undergraduate. Graduate. Specialization. Language courses and free courses. And all are extremely important for the education market in brazil. According to data from the last distance learning census .

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Carried out by the brazilian association of distance education (abed). There are about 561 thousand students in regular distance courses. 217 thousand in blended courses and more than 1 million students in corporate open courses. These are expressive numbers that show the power of online courses in brazil! Main market trends as we can see. Distance learning and online courses have skyrocketed in the last decade. This market continues to expand. Always with new trends emerging. Today. It is no longer about accumulating courses and taking tests. But about actually learning something real. Which will change the student’s personal or professional life.

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This is one of the main reasons behind the growth of distance learning courses. Especially the so-called open courses . But this is not the only trend in the market. Check out the main ones: 1. Microlearning a strong trend for online courses is microlearning . Which offers course material in smaller doses. Like modules. Thus. The student learns and absorbs the content in a less complicated way. It is a strategy also known as pills of knowledge and is gaining more adherents every day. After all. It is easier to learn with small video lessons or activities and. Thus. Manage according to the time available. 2. Gamification gamification techniques are increasingly present in online courses in recent years. It is a format that involves achievements.

Scores. Or leaderboards that track student progress. It refers to the video game look. Which holds the student’s attention. While encouraging him to continue to earn more points and prizes. Courses with gamification can also offer content according to the levels of difficulty that students must complete. Which is great for even more complete learning. 3. Mobile learning the use of mobile devices is already a reality that cannot be ignored by the online course market. For a good part of users. It is the main means of accessing the internet. The difference between mobile learning and other formats is that it is specially designed for the size of cell phone screens and other mobile devices. It is an ideal format to apply gamification and promote interactive. 4. Blended learning blended learning . Also known as blended learning.

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