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Time for the marketing cleanup! ” Good ” means you have a story Sweden Phone Number List to tell. Here are 4 examples of successful storytelling. 4 examples of successful storytelling 1. ABN AMRO The bank has been a partner of Workplace Pride for many years . This is how a good LGBT strategy begins! In 2015. Apart from any Pride activity, they made the lifestyle clip ‘What’s Sweden Phone Number List your story?’. There were moments when people considered their (financial) options. One such moment was a marriage, which in this case was casual between two men. The combination of timing and casualness was perfect. This is how you do Marketing the Rainbow. This was repeated this year in the recruitment video ‘ Make a difference. In this variation on the theme ‘improve the world, start with yourself’, the bank optimally demonstrates its diversity, in addition to its CSR approach.

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Well done! Incidentally, they have also campaigned several Sweden Phone Number times about Pride Amsterdam . 2. Shell As mentioned, in 2018 there was commotion about Shell’s action, in which four gas stations in the Amsterdam region were shrouded in rainbows. The pumps, the eaves, billboards, coffee cups, brochures: everything was pulled out to. yes, why? Long story Sweden Phone Number List short: Shell invested a ton to show support, to celebrate and to give visibility. There was no business case, because it was not expected that a liter more would be sold – nor a liter less, for that matter. What the queer “rioters” failed to take into account in their careless assessment was the fact that Shell has been the “Leader” of Workplace Pride for years , which ranked them the fourth most LGBT-inclusive employer in the world.

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They are also corporate partners of the Human Rights Sweden Phone Number List Campaign (HRC), which gives them a perfect 100% score in the HRC Corporate Equality Index. Their corporate HR policy very clearly mentions ‘diversity’ as a spearhead and plus. Since 1996, dozens of Sweden Phone Number List LGBT platforms have been established worldwide. For a number of years now, Shell has not only commemorated Pride, but also International Coming Out Day. And in addition to those beautifully decorated gas stations, an oil tank in Europoort was also decorated with the six-coloured rainbow. A rainbow zebra crossing also appeared there: both not visible to the consumer, but additional proof that Shell is not doing it to score easily with consumers.

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