A Social Media Content Calendar


Is vital for greater efficiency in your campaigns, here we explain how to create it easily. Boost Boost Experts in Inbound Marketing For any marketing strategy to be effective, it must be organized, and one of the ways to achieve this is by developing a good content calendar. This tool will help you plan coherent actions, aligned with the objectives of your strategy; and will maintain a constant flow of content on the different social channels. In addition, it will help you optimize work coordination and increase your productivity, since working against the clock sometimes leads to blocking of ideas.

Define the objective of the campaign and the audience To start putting together a content calendar, you must first have the objective of your India WhatsApp Number List well defined ; whether it will be monthly, quarterly or semi-annually (in minor cases). What I mean is that you should focus on your goal , that is, what you want to achieve. For example, promote a talk, get more traffic to your website, position the brand on networks, etc. Another important point is to identify which audience you are going to target.

This Part Is Crucial For The Strategy

since once you do it, you will be able to define the tone of communication, the formats and the channels that you will use to reach it. Identify the frequency of posting per day Once you have defined point one, you will have to determine the days and times that your posts will be published . This scheme will allow the entire team to organize their tasks, avoiding the crossing or delay of content. Also keep in mind what are the hours in which your audience connects and what are the days when it is better to present an offer or motivating phrase.

India WhatsApp Number List

In case you address managers, remember that the space they have to read publications is during the mornings on the way to work and after 6. However, this will be different if your audience is a university student. Locate the important dates A point in favor of your content calendar is to find out the important dates that are related to your company to be able to include them in your publications. For example, if your business is gastronomy, you should take into account the date of the International Chef’s Day. Most posts around an annual event occur over a 26-day period. Typically, ¾ of those 26 posting days are before an event and ¼ after an event.

Other Important Dates

that always generate a lot of interactivity with the user and that you should never leave. Out are those of Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Specify the category of content Now, once we have reached this point, it will be necessary to specify. The category of our content, what do I mean by that? It is simple, all the information you generate to the sections that you have imposed in your content strategy . Among your categories you can include motivational, health or beauty phrases depending on the category of your company; others can be branding,

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