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Is to get accepted by bloggers, Instagrammers, publishing media, and YouTubers with a large following. Make sure to give them a trackable link to find out exactly what drives the most qualified traffic to your store. Banner Ads – Using a trackable URL for your banner ads will not only help you understand the effectiveness of your campaign, but it will also allow you to easily track the success of each banner variation to see which performs best. In addition to the examples above, you can really use link tracking anywhere you might share a link and want to know more about who is clicking on it.

When in doubt, keep track of everything If you’re not sure where to start, start with following up on something small, like a Facebook message. As you learn more about URL tracking you will eventually Belgium WhatsApp Number List to track everything. Remember, the more you track, the more information you have to understand what you’re working on, allowing you to put more time and energy into maximizing those campaigns, and minimizing the time and energy put into ineffective campaigns.

If You Have Your Own Virtual Store

you know that having a blog is very important to generate traffic to your store . A blog improves search rankings and provides you with an opportunity to connect with your followers. But what if you are not a good writer and have no idea what a blog requires? Do not worry. The first blog post is always the hardest, so we’ve collected examples of different types of posts for your inspiration. Take a look and consider writing telling your story, announcing a sale, or providing guidance on your products.

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Make a list of influencers to follow Here’s an easy way to create great, shareable content: Make a list of 25 blogs, Twitter accounts or Tumblrs, interested in your industry that you should follow. Compile that list, write a few sentences about why you included each blog or Twitter account, post it, and send it to the people you quoted. If you do it right, there is a chance that these same people will share your post with their audience, which will generate traffic – plus you improve your SEO strategy. Below is an example of a post that compiles a list of blogs you should follow, recommended by Coffee Cup News.

Here An Excerpt Dear Coffee

I Love You  A simple and straightforward coffee blog where writer Brian Jones shares interesting facts about coffee. Pure Coffee Blog – Bill reviews coffee and tea shops as well as coffee and tea at home. I Need Coffee – A wealth of coffee information started by Michael Allen Smith in 1999. Answer questions about your industry Some of the best pieces of marketing content come from Marcus Sheridan of River Pools and Spas . River Pools and Spas installs a fiberglass pool, the cost of which is not always transparent.

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