A Touch of History to Put Us in Context

Our first digital positioning efforts for hispanic markets were made in mid-2015. When the “Content marketing” blog was launched. In this channel we used to publish articles about. Advertising, digital marketing and web content production.

In may of the following year the blog began to gain more. Frequency and quality in its publications, thanks. To the arrival of valentina giraldo (my great mentor in this universe) to the project.

The content created at this time allowed us to start building. A natural authority, with the first keywords indexed in google. The growth continued to increase gradually until 2019, as this graph shows:

Domain migration: the blow that kicked off the comeback

It so happens that after some studies and market projections. Rock content made the decision to incorporate all the other domains. It managed, including our blog in spanish, into the root domain. Of the company all the other domains that it managed, including the one for our blog in spanish.

The purpose of the change was to strengthen the Manufacturing Directors Email Lists company’s. Main domain, taking into account its global growth plans.

In february 2019, the technical migration of the blog’s web. Address was completed, with the elimination of the old domain. (marketingdecontenidos.Com) to the virtual space in which. We now host (rockcontent.Com/es/blog/), as you can see see. Right away:content to the virtual space we are now staying in as you can see right away.

This type of structural change usually causes significant impacts on the visibility.

Manufacturing Directors Email Lists

Of the website and the crawling of its pages by the algorithms of google and the other search engines .

The reason for this is that it takes a while for the search engine to understand. That the old pages still exist and that they just moved to another site.

With the number of visits to the blog falling and the loss of important keywords in. Google, we kicked off our comeback, undertaking a series of techniques and strategies to recover. The organic traffic of the blog, which was its main competitive advantage.

Later we will detail all these actions and how they led us to the celebrated million. Sessions that we conquered in february 2020.

After 8 months determined to resume this growth, in november we once again. Surpassed the performance of the previous year, as the graph shows.

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