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The monoculture of communication teams We all seem to Sri-Lanka Phone Number List come from the same factory. Well-educated, well-educated, raised in the middle class, often on the upper edge, with mainly white/white children around us at school, and parents with a second house or a boat, a -usually- colored worker (m/f) or all at once. And with a nice legacy in Sri-Lanka Phone Number List prospect – or already cashed in. Things you, well-bred and humble, don’t talk about. In my experience, this silent self-evidence translates into the situation where almost all communication teams I meet radiate an overwhelming monoculture. Students of color are a great rarity in my training sessions. In my trend update on content strategy in corona times I call the trend ‘showing color’.

As Topical As Ever

My question in the trend update was: how can we create Sri-Lanka Phone Number good, meaningful content for the sometimes great diversity of audiences we want to reach, if we are a monoculture ourselves? That’s the question I’ll take up in this article—with your help. Below this article I ask a number of questions to which I would very much like your responses. You determine how this Sri-Lanka Phone Number List conversation develops. We will package the results as much as possible in advice and tips that you can use immediately. Three the same men. The Pippi Longstocking adage There is usually no lack of self-confidence in the well-spoken communication teams that I encounter at governments and companies. But what is that feeling based on?

For Organizations

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In these somewhat privileged circles I very often taste the Sri-Lanka Phone Number List Pippi Longstocking adage: ‘I’ve never done it, so I think I can do it’. But is that really the case when it comes to reaching groups of people who live outside our monoculture? So the question I want to talk about is this: ‘ How can we ensure that content strategy in breadth is better suited to groups of people Sri-Lanka Phone Number List we would like (or even need) to reach, but from whom we ourselves are sometimes far removed? † I am not taking a political or social position here. Nor am I a passionate activist for anything. I want to contribute to improving communication between organization and audiences. And set up a strategy that responds to the diversity of the audiences we want to reach. So I also have a lot of questions that hopefully you can answer.

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