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Are you reaching your targeted audience? Your target audience is a key to generating leads on LinkedIn and raising awareness of your brand. Better-defined audiences lead to better lead generation. To define your audience better, you need to do your research and find the key characteristics of your customers or clients.

For example, if you are looking for professionals within the digital marketing industry who use Linkedin, you should look at targeting people with “digital marketing” in their job title or LinkedIn profile. Many of these professionals will also be in digital marketing groups on LinkedIn or follow pages and companies related to digital marketing. If you are selling products for B2B professionals, you should look at targeting B2B marketers or industrial leaders.

Your updates appear directly in a follower’s LinkedIn feed

When you update your LinkedIn profile Ecuador Phone Number or post, your activity will appear directly in a follower’s LinkedIn feed. What this means for you is that your posts, as well as activity, need to be professional and engaging at all times. LinkedIn is strict about spam and as a result, an AI bot checks all content posted by businesses or individuals. You need to ensure that your content contains high-quality material and that your posts are directed to your target audience, without looking like a spam advertisement. Use catchy phrases and headings to grab your reader’s attention while they scroll their feed.

Post content that your target audience will want to read

Sharing relevant content that is engaging to your audience will not only capture their attention but also help your content to be indexed by Google. Good content marketing with relevant keywords will help you improve your search engine rankings and boost your company’s reputation. The topics you should use should be directed to your targeted audience demographics, interests, and purchasing decisions. Consult an SEO specialist for help with relevant keywords for optimal results.

Tip #7: Use images

A good visual will grab the reader’s attention better than text. Adding an image to a text or article post will help you to get more “likes” and views on your post. An increase in likes and post views will lead to more readers visiting your Linkedin Profile – leading to more brand awareness and potential followers. You can use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform to add images anywhere within the article. The more relatable and powerful your image is to your target market, the more likely you will grab the reader’s attention, create engagement and start a conversation.

Images garner over six times more engagement than text-only content

According to LinkedIn, images lead to better engagement than text-only content. However, to ensure this engagement is received, you need to use good-quality images.

Here are some tips when adding images to your content:

  • Only use high-quality images and a high-resolution, avoid unprofessional, inappropriate, or offensive images.
  • Consult a graphic designer or marketing team for branded images personalized to your business.
  • Try using graphic design software such as Canva or Photoshop.
  • Keep your post image size within 1200 x 1200 for desktop and 1200 x 628 for mobile.
  • If you are sharing a link, keep your image size within 1200 x 627

Tip #8: Boost your content directly in your audience’s feed, using Sponsored Content

Boost your followers and audience by making use of LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content appears directly in your audience’s feed and allows you to personalize content according to LinkedIn’s audience profile data. Sponsored Content allows for four different formats of ads: single image ads, video ads, event ads, and carousel ads. Each format allows you to reach your targeted audience, build brand awareness and drive leads.

Sponsored ads can help you to promote events in your company, showcase your achievements, and share thought leadership. After you create your content with Sponsored Content, LinkedIn even allows you to measure its performance. So you can analyze the performance of your paid marketing campaign and adjust where necessary.

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