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Number of sites linking, search analytics, average audience penetration, site load time, and much more. You can really dig deeper with Alexa, but it’s important to note that there are inaccuracies with the Alexa information, as it’s taken from those who have installed the toolbar for IE and Firefox or installed the Google Chrome extension. Take the numbers with caution. SEO Book: Page Similarity Comparison Tool With this service you can easily compare the page titles, meta information and common phrases on the main pages of your competitors.

I suggest including your URL in a search against your top 5 competitors. I used Coca-Cola and Pepsi as an example: Google AdWords Keyword Tool This service will allow you to easily analyze Canada WhatsApp Number List  and the amount of traffic generated by those words. It also allows you to narrow down your search by including URLs and specific categories, such as clothing, cosmetics, or whatever. You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to estimate how much your competition is paying for each click on their ads.

Also, Google Traffic Estimator

should be used to find out the number of clicks on the tender ads and the current prices for various keywords. Internet Archive The Internet Archive has been scouring the Internet and taking snapshots of web pages since 1996. Using their free Wayback Machine you can see what a website looks like over the years. By looking at the history of your competitors’ websites you can see changes in design trends and pricing. Do they dress up their home page for Christmas every year?

Canada WhatsApp Number List

How has their positioning changed – could they be targeting your market? Sometimes a lot  from the subtle changes your competitors make to their site. Since 2006, the Internet Archive has taken more than 600 screenshots of the Shopify website. As an example, below you will see what our website looked like on November 2, 2009. DomainTools: Whois Type your competitors URL into Whois and you will receive a complete record of that domain, such as.

Date Of Registration

contact information, server stats, in/out links. And other registration domains you own. spyfu This is a paid service ($79/month). That allows you to spy on your competitor’s AdWords and keywords. SpyFu really lets you dig deep. You’ll be able to see what worked and what didn’t work in your competitors’ AdWords campaigns. When you can track the footsteps of your competition. You can avoid the mistakes they made…it’s like they’re doing market testing for you. Open Site Explorer

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