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To use- social networks as part of their digital strategy . Why have a community on social networks? Having a community on social networks not only means that we have a high number of followers of our brand; it also means that they interact with us: that they give their opinion freely, that they help us to improve and that they love your brand ; In other words: let them be your fans. The fact that social networks have become so important in the lives of Internet users makes it necessary for companies and organizations to meet on these platforms.

However, despite the fact that several are already located on social networks, they do not form a community of users correctly. What you need Kuwait WhatsApp Number List do to build them Set your goals: What do you want to achieve with a social media community ? Remember that these must be aligned with your business objectives. Identify your fans: Identify the profile of your target audience and where you can find them. Also, their interests, concerns and the type of content that interests them most.

Choose Your Social Networks

Based on the fact that you already know your audience, choose the social platforms where your target audience attends the most. For example; in our case we are also present on LinkedIn, since our target audience is business. Social-Media-GIF-tips.gif Define what content you will provide : Based on the interests and concerns of your audience, establish what topics you will touch on and the platforms you will use to spread it: blogs? videos? infographics?


Make a content calendar: Establish the dates and times in which you are going to spread your content. Remember that not all audiences react the same way to a standard time slot, so establishing the perfect time slot will probably take a while until you spend more time with your followers. Promote what you create: Since you have already chosen the social networks where your brand will appear, share your content on these platforms. That way, your target audience will be able to see it and even want to share it.

Your Audiovisual Material Should Include Little Text

Because the images in this format are paramount. Add a musical background to help improve the context of your video. In this case, the video is from a news outlet and with his video he wants to show his followers how to be more informed. In addition, the texts included in the video are short and simple. Is advisable to complement your video with a brief description of what your video is about, a phrase or part of it that you want to highlight. Or adding a link or hashtag that completes the post.

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