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In the book Socrates op sneakers (affiliate), Elke Wiss takes you Netherlands Phone Number List on a journey through this empty way of listening. A beautiful and concrete book! Talk in rounds Okay. Don’t you want to read everything first and would you rather get started right away? Then start talking in rounds and keep your mouth shut until it’s your turn. Agree together (even if there are two of you) to work Netherlands Phone Number List in this way. Talking to each other in this way has major Analyze Activity Sentiment advantages. Everyone is given the opportunity to express their opinion without interruption. This creates relaxation, because ‘if someone feels heard, he no longer has to get his way.’ This way you facilitate safety and openness. The talker, the one with all kinds of ideas, is helped to calm down and reflect, instead of reacting immediately.

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This creates depth. Because instead of ‘shooting at first ideas’, the Netherlands Phone Number conversation moves to ‘understanding the deeper layers and talking about it.’ It’s that simple and it’s where the magic happens . But it can also feel uncomfortable and unnatural. While it will start to feel more natural on its own, although it has many benefits, it can also be irritating and long. Still, I promise Netherlands Phone Number List you persistence wins. Trust and perseverance will ultimately give you a lot of satisfaction. Accept that it is uncomfortable and feels unnatural. Choose it anyway because it gives room to every voice. Because if every voice feels heard. Photo of people conferring Make a decision with consent Deciding with consent means that all parties involved do not have a predominantly substantiated objection to taking the decision.

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So the point is not that you like it very much, that it is exactly as Netherlands Phone Number List you would like it, that you would phrase it exactly like that. It is about that you no longer have any obstructing objections . That gives a lot of room for decision. Since no one has to have his own Netherlands Phone Number List way and all objections are taken seriously, decisions are made that are supported by everyone. How? In a future article I will show you how to make such a decision. You can get there in just a few simple steps! For now, stick to this tip: when making a decision, always ask what objections there are and what it takes to resolve those objections .

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