Another Suggestion Is To Follow Influential


People on the networks who publish content related to the field of your business so that you also interact with them, either by retweeting or commenting on their publications. Identifying influencers will allow you to have a better organic reach. twitter-post-impulse-example.png Remember that there is no secret formula on how to have better results on social networks, especially on Twitter, only be frequent with the publications you make and offer unique and relevant content so that users identify with the brand, it is recommended to do 3 – 4 tweets per day.

The schedule will depend on the prior identification of your target audience. Very well, now that you are clear about the factors of success on Twitter, let’s go to practice. Case of success: How can marketing software generate new customers, increase Senegal WhatsApp Number List rates and improve ROI ? Hubspot is sales and marketing automation software that helps businesses attract, convert, sell, and delight better customers. Our Inbound Marketing & Sales agency, Impulse , is a strategic partner in Peru.

The Challenge Hubspot Needed

to drive more sales in the B2B channel through more effective lead generation and improve their return on investment. The solution Investing in digital advertising on Twitter, they used promoted accounts to create a database of followers, previously segmenting the target audience they wanted to achieve, thus focusing on those who make decisions in the B2B sector with interests or preferences related to marketing. This campaign with some. Tweets with educational content that were always

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Linked to a call to action, whether for an informative webinar, download of ebooks, workshops or completely free business marketing plans. Results The results they were truly amazing, achieving a 150% increase in sales through Twitter, having a 46% lower cost per lead and a 32% ROI. Likewise, consolidate as a leading brand in digital marketing issues. And generating a large community of followers. “Not only are we driving new business at a 46% lower cost per lead. But our lead conversion rate is also 48% higher on Twitter to other platforms.”

Head Of Paid Marketing

Dan Slagen – Head of Paid Marketing, HubSpot My conclusion: Twitter is a powerful tool for business, since it allows. Users to monitor trends and activities in real time, which allows brands to generate better communication. Likewise, Twitter helps brands to have a good digital presence as long as we maintain a good content strategy. Tell us how your business uses Twitter to reinforce Marketing actions, we would love to help you with some tips.

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