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7. 2021 is the year of the strategic approach Video has never been France Phone Number List more crucial. In 2021, companies will use more video communication. And maybe 2020 also felt like the year that was all about ‘trying’. Experimenting with vlogging and creating the first France Phone Number List webinars. In 2021 the practice will be over and we will go for a clear and strategic approach. My advice is to work from the needs of the viewers and the platform. And in the meantime Approach Below Will Help  always keep the goal in mind! What video trends for the coming year are you excited about? And which video trends are still missing from this list?

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I am curious about where you think video communication France Phone Number will go in 2021. Will you let us know in a comment? How do you make presentations, conversations or texts less woolly? Avoid doubtful words, delete in texts and end a sales conversation with a closed question. In this article I share these and other tips with you. The book Weg met wollig offers you concrete tips to  France Phone Number List make a text, conversation or presentation less woolly. It is a compact, smooth, funny and anything but woolly book. These 7 tips from the book by Esther van der Voort and Huibert-Jan van Roest will come in handy for every specialist, marketer and/or person. Recognizable types, nice tone Based on recognizable archetypes, the reader is told about various sheep that need to be sheared.

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Think of Monica, a senior policy advisor at the Municipality France Phone Number List of Amsterdam. “She has earned that title; she has been working there for 24 years! Gosh, time flies if you don’t dare to make tough choices.” This description is characteristic of  France Phone Number List Weg met wollig’s writing style. The book is laced with irony and fortunately has the necessary self-mockery. Where Japke-d. Bouma has been doing nothing more than mocking one-dimensional jargon in her NRC columns for seven years now, these authors have empathy for the always failing office worker. As a result, the descriptions of the woolly language-animals remain affectionate. That makes a difference. That way you don’t feel like a complete loser if you find yourself falling into the same pitfalls as marketing manager Françoise.

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