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Conversely, as a Fleming in the Netherlands, it is better not to say that you Austria Phone Number List want to pay with the card. A Dutch person then thinks that you are talking about a credit card (which is referred to as a credit card in the Netherlands). And not a normal (Maestro) bank card. 4. Vacation vs. leave of absence What the Dutchman says: vacation What the Flemish say. Vacation or leave Both Austria Phone Number List versions are generally understood by both groups. But there is an unmistakable preference for one of the two: The Netherlands: ‘Uncle Arie can’t take a holiday again because he always has to work in his snack bar.’ Belgium: ‘Uncle Jef can’t take leave again because he I Would Like To Help  always has to work in his chip shop.’ 5. Preview vs. preview What the Dutchman says. Preview What the Fleming says: preview The Dutch combine a Dutch word with a French word.

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The Flemish combine a French word with another French Austria Phone Number word. Well, if you’re borrowing anyway, why not? 6. Ass vs. shit What the Dutchman says: ass What the Flemish say.  That’s why her behind was damp. Also note the difference in meaning in the Austria Phone Number List word ‘to poop’. In the Netherlands this only means ‘poop. While in Flanders it can also mean having sexual intercourse. Dear Flemish people, can you explain this bizarre double meaning?

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What the Flemish say: swans Nothing to add. Not too many Austria Phone Number List swans. That’s my motto.  However, I think that the Belgian government has forgotten to say this to its people, because nobody uses this word. Instead, the Fleming uses the word ‘autostrade’, an Italian loanword. It is even more strange that the Flemings use the Italian plural as a singular. (The Italian singular Austria Phone Number List is simply ‘autostrada’.) 9. Sandwich vs. croque-monsieur What the Dutchman says: toasted sandwich What the Fleming says: croque-monsieur In the Netherlands you order a sandwich with ham and cheese at a brasserie.

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