As A Company You Have To Make

Clients or consumers feel that they are important to you, therefore you must put aside those differences in the brand-client relationship. Always remember that they have the power that your brand has a good or bad digital presence. What do users want to hear from you? They no longer want to keep hearing that you directly sell them a product or service, they want you to tell them stories and make them feel very important, the relationship with them is more personal and direct. statistics-twitter-impulse.png Offer valuable content

The success of being on social networks is to offer your followers and customers content that really matters to them and does not bother them , this will help improve the relationship you have with them. Here it is very important to use a content Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List strategy so that it is aligned with all your marketing. When you post on Twitter, create stories about your company that are attractive, interactive and consistent, not only use it to promote your product or service, so it is recommended to be aware of the daily moments and events that users are looking for

These Moments Used By The Company

will help people identify with the brand. For example: Events related to culture, sports, music, traditions or customs, current news, specials for important dates. On the other hand, comply with the 80/20 rule to generate interactions by prioritizing the needs of customers.  80% of the publications must generate interactions with users, this is the right moment where you differentiate yourself from others, customers must find in you the resources, solutions, support for their needs.

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20% of the publications can include offers, direct promotions about the product or service, that is, do not tell the user Buy me! Do it subtly, connect with them by offering benefits and advantages of your service or product. It is also valid to make use of special promotions for users who sign up for something. For example, Arby’s a fast food restaurant company offers general coupons. And special offers in exchange for subscribing to the mailing list. Likewise, here they take the opportunity to generate a good lead nurturing strategy.

Be Constant Always Stay Organized

Create a content calendar this will help you as a reference guide. What content you can offer to your followers or customers. However, the success factor of a company on. Twitter is to do it out of habit, this means constantly posting “Tweet daily”. Post short and simple tweets including multimedia content (images, gifs, videos of 30 seconds maximum) to generate interactions. Always respond to customers who make comments or post on your wall so that communication is constant.

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