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In her book on Future Marketing Strategies: The Coolness Factor , there’s too much to choose from on the market—and often free!—to choose something ugly, boring, or bland. And in addition, she clarifies that this applies to all ages. The best example of Coolness Factor is given by the largest brand in the world: Apple, which does not hesitate to remove your battery in order to make your iPhone hyper thin or to develop extremely expensive miniaturization technologies to take minimalism to the extreme in its Air Pods and Apple Watches. . Social Networks: Video, and marketplaces social media trends in What do you think will be the future of digital marketing on social networks?

to innovate or has everything already? To answer these important questions, let’s diagnose and discuss the most promising trends on these vibrant digital platforms. Today, the reality of social networks can be summed up Germany WhatsApp Number List three points: Paid visibility is pretty much the only way to achieve significant reach for businesses. Customer segmentation to personalize the message we deliver is ridiculously effective. All social networks want to be all-in-one media to retain their users as long as possible. Creating mass addicts is not a limit for Zuckerberg.

Do You Think There Is Still Room

Armed with these conclusions of the current reality of the sector, let’s look at three interesting keys to the future of social media marketing: Creating videos that are jewels of the highest quality is essential to remain current. Taking advantage of the effectiveness of micro-influencers can boost the ROI of your marketing campaigns in the future. As they are an effective that requires low investment. Knowing how to get the most out of the new tools of the marketplaces in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., will be decisive so that sales do not stop growing. Virtual Reality: When is it coming?

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future of virtual reality in 2021, future of augmented reality in 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030 2020, Virtual and augmented reality is taking time to enter the scene, but undoubtedly in the medium and long term it will be an integral part of marketing because getting your customer to visualize the benefits of your product or service in a tangible way is a sales tool. it just doesn’t fail. Although there are already fascinating examples such as Greenpeace using virtual reality to captivate their followers.

Or Is It No Longer Coming?

The explosion will arrive shortly when Google, Facebook and Apple launch their augmented. And virtual reality wearables on the mainstream market. Since they are technologies that have been jealously refining since years ago. In addition to reminding you that these companies never stitch without thread, keep in mind that the wild investment. They make in the development of their own virtual reality hardware and software makes it clear. That this technology will be pivotal. Sometimes trends in marketing are long in coming. Get ready and left out of this universe! Behavioral Design:new digital marketing trends, marketing topics, digital marketing today, future of digital mkt

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