Answers to Your Frequently Asked South Africa Phone Number Marketing Questions

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As the world’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency network, WSI knows a thing or two about email marketing. In this blog post, we answer the most frequently asked questions by business owners about email marketing. Let’s get started!

How do I ensure my email marketing subscription list is legal?

Before charging head-first into the South Africa Phone Number effective tactic of email marketing, make sure that you comply with the relevant anti-spam and protection of privacy regulations:

  • United States: CAN-SPAM Act
  • Canada: CASL
  • European Union: GDPR
  • Australia: Spam Act 2003

What does opt-in and opt-out refer to?

Opt-in is a positive action giving user South Africa Phone Number consent. However, giving them additional reasons to search you and and find you for your brand and not your keywords. However, which is critical for being top-of-mind in a world rich in personalized search. Revisit and re-optimize for your target niche. Zoom in your laser-focus and optimize your site for your target demographics only. These strategies are somewhat general. However, but these personalization trends are hard to pinpoint with the precision of older strategies like keyword-based optimization. I’m biased.

Opt-out lets a user refuse or withdraw consent.

It is best practice and email protocol that people have to opt-in, you can’t automatically opt them in and ask them to opt-out.

Is an unsubscribe message necessary?

Linking to an unsubscribe page that confirms whether the user really wants to opt out from your mailing list can also be used to convince the subscriber that they should be on your mailing list.

But, done correctly, an unsubscribe message offers insight into why readers are unsubscribing while encouraging them to re-engage.

If someone gives me their business card, is that enough to add them to an email list?

There is an option of a “soft opt-in” within the law of some areas if:

  • You obtained the email address “in the course of the sale or negotiations for the sale of a product or service”,
  • You only market “similar products and services”, and

To maintain the integrity of your list, include an opt-in box or unsubscribe link. If you’re unsure whether you can use soft opt-in, contact your WSI Consultant for more advice.

Can I buy a mailing list from a reputable email scraping source?

Not only is it illegal in some countries, but it is a risky practice that could do tremendous harm to the reputation of your business. Joining social media and email marketing results in a formidable marketing mix. Because they each serve different sections of your target audience, they build on each other and provide a personalized buyer’s journey for your customers:

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