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Just as your blog’s URL structure determines the value you can get from your analytics, so does how you structure your web pages. Andy notes that web pages, unlike blog posts, are generally about a company’s products and services. People who search for content about your products and services are more likely than blog readers to consider a purchase. It starts by showing what not to do and quoting a long page about a company’s services – all of its services. The title of the page is Services. The problem with putting all the services on one page is that Google doesn’t rank websites; it ranks web pages.

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A page called Services might work for people who search for the term “services”, but who is going to search for that? We’ve built a thousand websites and never once did we create a page called Services or Solutions. Belgium Phone Number I’ve done thousands of hours of keyword research and believe me, no one is looking for “solutions”. This approach not only helps with SEO but also with analytics. In Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages, to see the performance of each service, product, or topic provided each has its own page.

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When you set up your pages this way, your analytics can help you identify which pages are performing well or poorly. You can see where your content is weak, where it’s strong when people are bouncing, and how it ranks. You don’t get any of this information if you group all your products on one product page or all your services on one service page. Yes, PDFs are easy to publish. Resist the temptation unless you also publish the content as a web page. With the exception of gated content (files that people can download in exchange for their email address), PDFs, according to Andy, are “a terrible thing to put on your website – the rust of the internet.”


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