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Which is not to say that small pieces don’t matter: of course they do matter. As we have seen in the case of the brain, adding narcotics, changing neurotransmitter levels. Or mutating genes can radically alter a person’s essence. Although the mind depends on the integrity of neurons, neurons do not think for themselves. And that forces us to reconsider how to come up with a scientific explanation for the brain.

If we could determine the whole physics of neurons and their chemical components. Would that tell us anything about the mind? Probably not. I don’t think the brain violates the laws of physics. But that doesn’t mean that the equations that describe the detailed biochemical interactions are the right level of description. As complexity theorist Stuart Kauffman puts it:

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“A couple in love Iran phone number along the banks of the Seine is, in fact.  A couple in love walking along the banks of the Seine, not mere moving particles. ” [18] There is another reason why pieces and nervous parts will not be enough to understand how human experience is needed: our brain is not the only biological player involved in determining who we are.

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The brain maintains constant back-and-forth communication with the endocrine and immune systems.  A communication that could be considered the “upper nervous system.” This higher nervous system is in turn inseparable from the chemical environments that influence its development.  Including nutrition, lead paint, air pollutants, and so on. And we are part of a complex social network that changes its biology with each interaction, and that its actions, in turn, can transform.

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Thanks to this, it is interesting to look at borders: how should we define the self? Where does one begin and where does it end? Perhaps we can consider the brain as the densest concentration of “joy.” We are still far from being able to resolve and understand the relationship between physical matter and subjective experience. If our brains were simple enough for us to understand, we would not be smart enough to understand.

Memory (We are our connections 9) Initial reflection In The Matrix (Andy and Larry Wachowski, 1999), Neo is the Chosen One, the only one who can lead a humanity defeated in the victory over the Machines, the only one capable of destroying the Matrix, which has implanted false memories in the our brain as a means to control us.



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