Bigger Isn’t Always Better: The Rising Power of the Micro-Influencer

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Many brands make good use of influencer marketing. It has become a vital tactic when it comes to promoting your brand on social media. Influencers, being the stars of the social media universe, have the power Czech Republic Phone Number to bring a brand to a vast audience, generating leads that marketers wouldn’t otherwise be able to realize. However, what if the sheer size of an audience is not the main target in your social media marketing strategy? What if you want to use influencer marketing to reach a niche, captive audience? Enter the micro-influencer – the social media marketer’s secret weapon.

What is the Difference Between Influencers and Micro-Influencers?

What exactly is a micro-influencer? Unfortunately, there is no precise micro-influencer definition since the numbers cited tend to vary. Essentially, the term refers to social media content creators who have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. These are respectable numbers but not enough for these content creators to become influencers in the sense that the term is generally understood. In contrast, major influencers – the social media celebrities – have hundreds of thousands of followers, perhaps even millions.

Macro-influencers are stars, while micro-influencers are more akin to your everyday consumer. While the sizes of their respective audiences are very different, each offers its own value and benefits to the savvy social media marketer.

And to be honest, one is not necessarily better than the other. You will need a macro-influencer with a massive audience to make your brand go viral for some campaigns. At other times, you need to target a smaller, dedicated audience consisting of precisely the consumers you want to engage with your brand. Before you decide whether to work with a micro- or a macro-influencer on your next campaign, consider the following factors:


What is an Example of Micro-Influencer Marketing?

What would a micro-influencer marketing campaign look like? You can find many micro-influencer marketing examples online, but here is one involving Audible, Amazon’s audiobook division. A major brand like Amazon spends millions on its marketing every year and certainly has the power to mobilize celebrity influencers if it wishes to. However, to promote its audiobooks, it chose to work with a series of micro-influencers, such as photographer and filmmaker Jesse Driftwood. Driftwood’s following has grown since this particular campaign, but it was well under 100,000 at the time. All he did was post a simple, conversational post about how he loved listening to audiobooks while running. The post was framed as a friendly book recommendation and a suggestion for an innovative way to enjoy the book.

What Can Micro-Influencers Do for Your Brand?

As should already be clear, micro-influencers have small audiences. If you have a clear understanding of your ideal customers, you can find micro-influencers who speak directly to those kinds of people. In this way, you may not achieve mass appeal, but you will reach a captive audience made of people who are a perfect match for your brand.

A few might not pay on time. However, as well. The good news is these types of clients are relatively rare. However, and there are strategies you can implement to avoid them that we outline below. Table of contents charge a higher rate for difficult clients charge a higher rate for difficult clients long description many digital marketing firms fire the most challenging and toxic clients. But another way to handle it is to upcharge clients that make unreasonable demands.

Check that your contracts and billing policies have contingencies in place for the extra workload that some clients can cause. You may want to consider charging rush fees if they want you to drop your entire client load and work only on their project. Or. However, itemize how much time you spent doing rework that was done according to spec.

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