How can there be “Wall” in the play? Walk into the theater to explore the bloodstains of white memory

At the end of the Japanese colonial period. A dramatist based on the “Healthy Drama Research Association”. The play “Capon” directed by Lin Tuanqiu. A famous Taiwanese film director after the war.  The performance at the Yongle Theater in Dadaocheng, Taipei, was full, and the play became famous for a Taiwanese folk song “Lost the Bronze Boy”, which even attracted the power outage of the Japanese police to ban the performance. Performing in

This is how, from the context of cultural resistance to

Japan, to the post-war time and space. How did the resistance aesthetics of drama Panama Phone Number eople sprouted in the midst of the storm. On the eve of 228. Jian Guoxian, a playwright who returned from his studies at the Tsukiji Theater in Japan. Joined Song Feiwo, who specializes in folk speaking of ancient times. And organized a post-war iconic theater troupe. The “Shengfeng Drama Research Association”. Which was held in Zhongshan Hall in 1946. The performance of “Wall” won the audience’s full applause.  Everyone held an umbrella and competed to buy tickets to enter the venue, even the well-known revolutionary female fighter Xie Xuehong was in the queue. This is another legend and milestone of post-waresign by Lin Yuquan

On a summer night many years ago

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when I enjoyed the text world of Garcia. And Marquez’s “A Hundred Years of Solitude”. The square in the storm of that year resurfaced in my mind. A scene of a sea of ​​umbrellas flowing. At that time, it was also decided. To carry out some kind of magical and re-adapted. Writing based on the realistic basis of “The Wall”. As a


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