Branding tutorial: how to create a logo

Basic tips to approach the design of a logo, by the negra a logo can be the icing on the cake in a graphic project. Or your starting point. Be that as it may, it must be distinguishable, unique and memorable. And the hard and fast rules end there, because even one of the most intuitive imperatives – having good legibility – doesnt always apply, depending on what the brand is looking for. This is what the three partners of the argentinian studio the negra thenegra , the designers diego, lio and pancho, teach us . In this tutorial, we learn basic premises to create a good logo, taking into account the message we want to convey, the brand to which it is applied, and the graphic possibilities available to us. 6 basic tips to design a logo.


Dynamic Graphic System Even Allows That Same Letter.

Try with the same typography of the graphic system. Or not e-commerce photo editing branding tutorial how to create a logo 3 the same typography of the graphic system can be used, so that the set is easily identified. Or, on the other hand, the search for a completely different letter could also cause that memorable effect. If the first option is the most desired, try slightly differentiating the typography, applying effects. Such as stroke, line or outline. Thus, the direct relationship with the rest of the graphic system is maintained, differentiating the logo at the same time. 2. Experiment with 3d effects branding tutorial how to create a logo 5 the typography can have threedimensionality. And a popup format, which allows its easy dissociation, that is, its use outside the context of the logo itself.

e-commerce photo editing

Test Many Times Before Deciding on This Solution.

Use boxes, frames and highlights branding tutorial how BSB Directory to create a logo 7 another option to highlight the logo word is to put it inside a container a box, a frame, a featured background. This is a good solution to differentiate it as much as possible in the event that the font is the same. As the rest of the graphic set. 4. Use bold, italics. Branding tutorial how to create a logo 9 trying with bold, italics or other modifications of the. Typography also brings identity.

But beware a solution that works for one letter may not work for another. It is important to try letter by letter, section by section of the logo, without cutting yourself. 5. Always keep in mind the rest of the graphic set branding tutorial. How to create a logo 11 every x time, insert the letters you are creating to the rest of the. Graphic set to test if there is harmony between them.

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