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These are three obstacles put together: age, deviant Jordan Phone Number List behavior. A physical handicap that makes contact with each other more difficult. Just stand on it. So Mary did too. She has another example from her own experience. By hiring someone who didn’t have the appearance of the standard marketing communication doll”. In other words, the new Jordan Phone Number List colleague was quite fat. “About which immediate prejudices arose. Such as she must be unhealthy’, or ‘she must have little energy’.“ This leads to a first tentative conclusion: improving diversity in your team is not for the faint of heart. diversity people Health and age Health and age are more often mentioned as factors for keeping people out.

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An unnamed contributor writes: “A colleague was negative Jordan Phone Number List about an applicant with a chronic illness because he or she would probably be sick more often. And older applicants are sometimes judged negatively with the comment that they will probably be too expensive anyway.” Some resorted to very simple tools to change something: right at the gate. “Deliberately Jordan Phone Number List looking for men,” says another. “It’s not easy, mainly women apply. And: consciously searched for different ages. Not easy, especially young people up to their early thirties apply.” Also read: More diversity in communication: how do we approach this? Even more concrete was the action of Okke de Groote, who works as an official secretary for a client council in care for the mentally handicapped.

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“Suggested to edit cover letters (masking name and gender) for the Jordan Phone Number List first selection. Suggested to hire a 63-year-old suitable applicant. Proposed to create more work for people with a distance to the labor market.” He was knocked out three times. “I have never Jordan Phone Number List experienced color as an issue. Being a woman is.” The influence of color on policy in teams is more than just ‘that color’. Automatically and very unconsciously it quickly becomes about other things. Like behavior. A few nice examples from the responses, which portrayed both the side of ‘the agency’ and the person involved. How do you behave in a white group if you are different yourself – and feel that way?

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