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On which theme does positive sentiment arise? Do we want to further Bulgaria Phone Number List exploit the positive sentiment in the coming year or do we want to reverse the negative sentiment? And how? Sentiment provides a wealth of information about the opportunities and challenges for your organization – Linda 2020 review Mapping key influentials for the news Make sure you get Bulgaria Phone Number List an overview not only of the most impactful topics in the media, but also of the most important media and people for the distribution of the news. In this way you are able to steer on themes that are important to your organization and you come into contact with influentials who have positively influenced your visibility. Or go a step further, as with the Alliance. Based on insights into negative sentiment, they entered into discussions with critical target groups.

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By knowing which people are critical of your organization. You also get the Bulgaria Phone Number opportunity to proactively enter into a dialogue with them. You may not agree with each other in the end. But a good conversation can increase mutual understanding and take Bulgaria Phone Number List the sting out of the conversation. – Linda. This allows you to work in a targeted manner with topics and campaigns that are frequently taken up in the media. Annual report: from looking back to future success A good analysis of the past year provides action-oriented insights that reveal opportunities, dangers and results. An annual analysis generally provides answers to the following questions. Among others: How often have we been mentioned in the media throughout the year?

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Which topics or campaigns have had the most impact?  Which sources and influentials mainly report about us? How did certain reporting, such as about the coronavirus, affect our visibility in the media? The analysis goes further than just determining the successes of the Bulgaria Phone Number List past year. The opportunities for the coming year are also immediately mapped out. This way you can learn from the past year. While looking ahead to the coming year with a data-driven and substantiated communication strategy. Where are you now and where do you want to go in 2021? Which buttons will you have to push in the coming year to get here? You can also use an annual report to show internally what your team has achieved in the past year:

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