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They also have special flavors for Christmas (strawberries with Benin Phone Number List meringue. Cinnamon cookies with milk chocolate, nougat with macarons) and Easter (egg bars in the flavors milk with white chocolate and crunchy toffee with vanilla). 3. Interested public Interested Benin Phone Number List audience is a group of people who share the same needs. Problems, frustrations or interests. Now the question is for whom the brand story is interesting. In both cases there are multiple interested groups of the public. You can roughly think of the following groups: consumers business customers (suppliers) suppliers new and current employees.

Value Of Your Brand

This is still very common. To properly map the Benin Phone Number interests, needs, problems and frustrations for all these groups, brand avatars are created. This is necessary to tailor your message even better to your audience and thus make an impact. Dig into Benin Phone Number List your brand avatars and find out what you can do to please them. The differences between the 2 brands To give you an idea of ​​what something like this might look like, I’ve made a rough start. With this I already make some differences in the interested public visible for both brands. For example, Tony’s Chocolonely mainly appeals to people who feel strongly connected to the mission of the brand (100% slave-free chocolate).

What Do Strong Brands

Benin Phone Number List

And who find it important to contribute to the propagation Benin Phone Number List of this mission. Regardless of the investment involved. Tony’s Chocolonely does this in a creative, fun and naughty way. The audience of Hands Off My Chocolate also finds these values ​​important, but Benin Phone Number List does not find it necessary that the emphasis is always on them. This brand mainly focuses on people who would like to enjoy chocolate ‘on their own’, but who find it important that the bars are produced in a fair and responsible manner. They want to know where their bar ‘comes from’. 4. Effective Medium ‘Effective medium’ stands for the medium through which you reach your interested audience.

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