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Stores such as Sam’s Club. Walmart and Starbucks have integrated these tools into some of their stores.  It is worth mentioning that the coffee chain has sought a way to take this step to the next level.  Already within one of its stores it disappeared most of the staff.  With the intention that the consumer enters the store and choose the products and leave it without the need to interact with any employee.  Having a bank card linked to the company as a form of payment.  In addition to having various cameras and devices that monitor the consumption made within the store. To later make the payment.

Mexico received approximately 28.4 million international tourists so far in 2021. The small entrepreneur receives an average of 15 pesos as a tip for his service. They assure that the success of the business is due to the poses he makes when taking the photos. The letters of Tequila in Jalisco.  Is where the little one carries out his business.

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Entrepreneurship is Argentina phone number an easy task.  Finding a way to earn money is always complicated, but motivated.  The hope of getting ahead is a native feeling of Mexicans and this was demonstrated by a small enterprising boy.  Who has won the hearts of Internet users, for its very effective way of earning money.

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The story became viral on different social networks such as TikTok and Facebook. It tells how the little photographer provides an effective service to tourists looking to take a photo with the emblematic letters of the Tequila square in Jalisco.  Making use of various and peculiar poses, which ensure the success of the business.

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The enterprising child and his photography Initially.  The story was shared by the TikTok social network.  However, on other platforms such as Facebook, it has become a trend.  Since so far it has more than two thousand comments, approximately 40 thousand reactions and has been shared at least 11 times.

More than a hobby: the self-made musician Within the story exposed on networks.  The comical way in which the small entrepreneur’s actions are narrated stands out. Since he began by saying “imagine living in Sweden and losing this jewel”. In addition to the user who makes the story known, points out the large number of people looking to take a photo in the letters of the square.  So the small one provides a service highly requested by tourists.

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