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All this leads us to a key question: what are we? Do we have a soul — in the non-religious sense — separate from our physical biology. Or are we nothing more than an enormously complex biological network that mechanically produces our hopes.  Aspirations, dreams, desires, moods, and passions? Most people on the planet believe in the existence of an extrabiological soul. Religious or not – while most scientists believe that it is a natural property that emerges from a vast physical system and nothing else. The materialist point of view states that we are made only of physical materials.

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From this Uae phone number , the brain is a system that works governed by the laws of chemistry and physic.  And the end result is that all your thoughts, emotions.  And decisions are produced by natural reactions that follow the local laws of the minimum. potential energy. We are our brain and its chemicals, and if anything changes them, it changes us. Can we get to know each other better by studying our neurobiology? Yes, but with a few exceptions.

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Faced with the mysteries of quantum physics.  Physicist Niels Bohr once suggested that understanding the structure of the atom could . Only be achieved by changing the definition of “understanding.” One could no longer draw the atom.  But could now predict experiments on its behavior with an accuracy of up to fourteen decimals. Similarly, knowing oneself may require a change in the definition of “knowing.” First of all, it demands an understanding that the conscious self has little control over the reality.

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Biology is not enough Imagine that you are looking through a microscope at your lover’s throat while reading poetry. You look closely at your lover’s vocal cords that are viscous and shiny.  Contracting and dilating. He could study it thoroughly.  But it would not help him to understand why he loves to talk to this person while walking. Biology offers us only a partial view.

Example 2: the case of Phineas Gage One of the most famous examples of brain injury is found in the foreman of a gang of twenty-year-old workers named Phineas Gage . The Boston Post mentioned this in a brief article on September 21, 1848, under the headline “A Horrible Accident. ” the charge exploded and the bar, three inches in diameter and more than a meter long, pierced his head.

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