What is Video Marketing and How Can It Help Generate Revenue?

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4.4 billion – that’s how many blog posts were written today. So how do you and your company stand out in this sea of blog posts?

A video marketing strategy has become necessary to enhance your marketing campaign efforts. Whether it’s creating awareness or generating more leads, the combination of video and marketing is now more relevant than ever.

This strategy gives marketers an attractive and versatile format that can be easily shared online, further accelerating brand growth.

A Short History of Video Marketing

Video marketing made its way to the forefront of marketing in 2010 and grew in popularity thanks to the introduction of affordable video editing and creating software like Biteable, InVideo, and Filmora.

However, video marketing isn’t only popular because it’s accessible and an appealing option for smaller businesses on a tight budget. Thanks to the evolution of social media, video content is a great marketing tactic that can reach your audiences faster. In fact, social videos drive far more engagement than text and image-based posts on social media. According to an experiment conducted by Biteable, a video ad on Facebook has the potential to get 480% more clicks and can cost 280% less per lead than a text-based ad.

Moreover, people tend to enjoy watching UAE Phone Number something over reading it! For example, around 47% of Americans prefer watching the news rather than reading or listening to it.

Now, it’s possible to create a professional video online in just a few minutes without employing a videographer and having a large budget.

What is Video Marketing, and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Video marketing has become a sure-shot way to help you achieve your business goals faster and with greater ease. From YouTube, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live to holding online seminars, there’s a lot of room to experiment with the video format, shape, and size.

With 92% of marketers acknowledging the importance of video in their marketing strategy, we’ve listed a few other statistics to highlight its significance further:

So Videos Are Actually Good for Business?

Videos remain essential for a successful marketing strategy, whether your business is big or small. If it doesn’t seem fruitful, it’s highly likely that you’re marketing the wrong kind of videos. Just convert your existing infographics, blog posts, social media updates, or e-books into an attention-grabbing video format, and you’ll be off to a great start.

The other reason why you may not be getting ROI through videos is because of the lack of a customized approach. Videos are very personable and varied, which is also one of its biggest USPs. So what works for your business and target audience may not work for other businesses.

Each and every video has to be tailored according to your buyer personas and, of course, brand. The next thing to determine is your budget and format to put your message out there more effectively.

Video content can help your business reach your target audience quickly and effectively. According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch online videos every week, while 54% watch videos every day. Additionally, according to Google’s research, 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos over television.

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