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An additional advantage is that visual Greece Phone Number forces simplicity, because you simply cannot include every detail if you want to communicate effectively. This helps to design concepts that are Greece Phone Number to people of different backgrounds and levels of knowledge. Getting started with your innovation trajectory It requires some preparation to be able to put yourself optimally in the Greece Phone Number of the various stakeholders and their backgrounds. And then adjust your communication accordingly.

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But if you pay sufficient attention to Greece Phone Number in the preparatory phase of your innovation trajectory, explosion in video shorts? These are 7 video trends for 2022! 1. Live video (shopping) Live video has already exploded in the past year, and my expectation is that live streaming will Greece Phone Number next year. We all know the cool live streams on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. Usually a knowledge transfer or entertainment with a lot of interaction. In 2022, that interaction will go one step further. I think next year we will also go shopping via live streams. This is already a common way of shopping in China: asking questions about products during a live stream and Greece Phone Number the ‘buy’ button from the stream.

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Last year YouTube, Amazon and. Facebook Greece Phone Number been busy with live shopping events, and Instagram also seems. To be working on live shopping features . I’m very curious how this will develop in 2022, but bet that we. Will buy more and more via live streams in the coming years! 2. Selective & 1-on-1 Videos Greece Phone Number past few years have mainly revolved around mass video: you make a video and hope that as many people as possible will watch your video. My expectation is Greece Phone Number in 2022 we will start making more videos for small groups, and even 1-on-1.

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