Capture More Email Subscribers


Email is one of the best channels at your disposal in online marketing. Send traffic to your store, alternative content and manage Twitter and Facebook to generate sales. The email marketing strategy works. Do you want data to back it up? According to a recent study: An email has a return on investment of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association) 80% of people say they receive marketing messages in their personal email on a daily basis.

70% of people use the coupons or discounts that they know through an email 60% of people mention receiving special offers, and that it is the main reason they consider subscribing to Colombia WhatsApp Number List about all this. There are many tweets or posts on Facebook to keep us up to date, but people are still happy to receive new messages in their personal inbox. Plus, email provides the space to say things you might not be able to in a social media post.

Be Active In Promoting Your

newsletters to get more subscribers on a high converting channel. Here’s an example of a featured email: Take a look at Huckberry , which is heavily driven by its email marketing strategy. Huckberry makes subscribing to its emails the central feature of its home page. Here is an app that can help you improve the number of subscribers to your email list: Email Pirate! Email pirate allows you to create a fully customizable opt-in window


that pops up to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your emails. You can download this list of clients in a spreadsheet, and upload it to your mail service. It also has the ability to track user behavior so you can segment your customers based on their behavior. 6. Improve your email campaigns It’s not enough to capture a bunch of email addresses. You really have to email them regularly. There are plenty of opportunities for sending emails that your subscribers will appreciate.

For Example, Send A Welcome Message

as soon as your customer signs up. These messages have one of the highest conversion rates of any email marketing strategy. Or, write your message and let your customer know that their order is being processed and is on its way to delivery. You would surely love to know that what you asked for is coming soon. An example: Send newsletters on a regular basis, and let subscribers know about new offers, discounts, some product tips and company news. For more inspiration, take a look at our list of email campaigns you can use.

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