Challenge: Designing an album cover in 15 minutes

Explore your love for music with new graphic skills for some, music is an art that can also enter through the eyes the posters that make you relive the emotion of a concert, the album covers that have become icons of cultural and artistic transformations and the merch objects of the major bands are proof of that. Combine your love of music and your skills with the visual arts with these courses dedicated to music lovers who have chosen design as their profession. Illustration for music lovers , a course by oscar giménez learn from the renowned musical illustrator oscar giménez how to transform the emotions conveyed by your favorite music into a spectacular graphic result.


Art Direction for Record Covers a Goster Course.

You will discover the secrets of musical poster design, you philippines photo editor will learn about references and you will acquire tools to create visually and conceptually powerful compositions. Digital illustration collectors edition , a course by david de ramón david de ramón is a lyricist and illustrator who will guide you through this course, in which you will bring your love for music to a project to create the image of a record collection. You will learn to analyze music from a conceptual angle and then translate your ideas into powerful illustrations inspired by your favorite music.

Illustration and lettering for album covers , a course by steve simpson in this course from renowned designer steve simpson, youll learn how to combine illustration, handdrawn lettering and your love of music to create the illustrated sleeve and label for a 7 vinyl with a traditional approach that will help you exploit your creativity.

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Merchandising Design for Musicians.

Merchandising design for musicians , a course by BSB Directory copete cohete this studio specialized in design and illustration has worked for brands such as nike, converse and the coachella festival. In addition, Their heads will teach you how to design a bands merchandising based on a solid concept that encompasses the essence, origin and personality of the group and its music. You will learn to make sketches, mood boards , product photos, graphic conceptualization and basic management of social networks for promotion.

He shares a passion for music with josé antonio mesones, better known as goster, a visual artist with two decades of experience and a triple grammy nominee for recording packaging design. In his course you will learn to In addition, conceptualize and design an album cover by experimenting with your favorite album. You will give shape to your ideas through the collage technique to obtain the most original result.

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