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A designation that has now Bahrain Phone Number been elevated to a term of abuse and is synonymous with naive idealists who have been coddled by their parents and now cannot cope with life’s setbacks. For me, the ‘Y’ Bahrain Phone Number two worlds coming together: the physical and the digital. As a child I grew up playing outside and building tree houses, but in my teens I learned my way Bahrain Phone Number the world wide web just in time. I am also of the generation that grew up with game consoles. In my case the Super Nintendo. I well remember asking for a, let’s face it, rather violent fighting game for my birthday: Mortal Combat.

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Apparently my parents weren’t Bahrain Phone Number of the brutality of this video game and I got it. On the news, I saw concerned parents, scientists and politicians trying to get the game off the shelves. The game Bahrain Phone Number incite aggression and spawn a violent generation. Mortal Combat. But despite many concerns, most researchers agree that there is no direct relationship between video game playing and violent behavior. For me personally it has created an aversion to violence. After a few Bahrain Phone Number it was all over for me and I saved up enough money for the happier adventures of Mario and Luigi.

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Learned young Similar concerns were Bahrain Phone Number with the advent of television and later with the introduction of social media platforms. It would be poison to the minds of vulnerable youngsters. What is Bahrain Phone Number here is that young people are often much more aware of the operation and influence of new technologies than is thought. In any case, more aware than many older people. For example, research shows that during the 2016 US presidential election, people over 65 Bahrain Phone Number almost 7 times as many fake news stories on Facebook as the youngest age groups. Young people have grown up with fake news and seem to be more aware of the fact that not all news they see online is reliable.

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