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Distinction works! You can also find something in your organization Cameroon Phone Number List that others cannot copy. Find it, define it and weave it into your positioning. Is your product the same? Not a man overboard. You can also take a completely different approach than the rest Cameroon Phone Number List when it comes to customer service, logistics, sustainability, tone of voice or after-sales. For example, the brothers Axel and Thom of the online plant shop Plantsome really sell the same plants as the garden center on the corner. But they approach everything around it completely differently. They speak in their own language (and make a plant sing the Elephant March… You have to love it, but it is at least original), bring plants easily to your home and also take the experience around the plant itself to a higher level.

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level. With their online plant finder, they even promise to find Cameroon Phone Number you the plant that makes you happiest. Well done! And the great thing is: you can do it too. Find your distinctive strength and make it leading in your positioning. Have fun! houseplants 4. In the Cameroon Phone Number List past you determined what was in your shop window, nowadays your entire company is made of glass Another argument to have the actions of your brand in all its forms in order. In a gray past (read: before the turn of the century), as a company you had quite a lot of control over what did or did not come out. You literally or figuratively set up your shop window and kept internal processes, discussions and issues private.

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Cameroon Phone Number List

How different it is today! In our digital society, everything is on Cameroon Phone Number List the street. Online reviews, the social media of your colleagues and the relentless Google, which retrieves your entire history within two mouse clicks. You are in fact continuously exposed to the Cameroon Phone Number List buttocks. That means that anyone who exaggerates, whips up or sells hot air, sooner or later will fall head over heels. A pity for all talkers, but good news for everyone who is engaged in their profession from genuine passion and commitment. If you fall into the latter category (and you do, right?), embrace the opportunities to share your craft, culture and philosophy. Open those doors and windows!

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