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For example, one photographer Peru Phone Number natural light and moving around quietly to stay close to reality, while the other is staging/editing a lot to create a dream world. And one coach has a straightforward Peru Phone Number to get to the heart of the matter quickly, while the other offers all the time and space to create a safe environment. Example photographer : I think it’s important that you can be yourself. No forced poses, but completely at ease in front of the camera. Because everyone can look beautiful in the picture, really. Do you find this difficult? As a photographer I am calm, but I Peru Phone Number the lead whenever possible. I guide you and make sure you feel comfortable.

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Personal Facts It’s not like you can’t say Peru Phone Number personal at all. Try to present the personal facts in such a way that they support you. So don’t just tell them that you like to travel but tell Peru Phone Number that it makes you flexible. Don’t just tell them that you like to bake marzipan figures, but also underline your creativity and eye for detail. Bring it back to ‘you have to be with me becauseExample photographer : Thanks to my photography I am on the road a lot and I enjoy doing that. I love to travel and my favorite destination is beautiful and chaotic India. My many travels have Peru Phone Number me flexible.

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I get along easily with people from different Peru Phone Number and backgrounds. I also know that everything will eventually work itself out. And you know? It is precisely those unexpected moments that make for the Peru Phone Number beautiful photos. Bonus part: social proof In addition to telling about yourself on the about me page, you can of course also let satisfied customers have their say. Feel free to add one or more testimonials that focus on your working method or you as a person. And do you Peru Phone Number in a team? You can also tell about each other. I work with my sister Mandy and our page has a bit of ‘Linsey about Mandy’ and ‘Mandy about Linsey’.

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