A cost-effective solution for small businesses

After learning about the situation of potential A cost-effective customers, we weigh for whom our developed solution might be suitable, but for whom a simpler page creation would suffice. Most often , it is suitable to develop a website based on Mozello:

  1. for freelancers who want to develop a business card-type website – explain what they do, their experience, portfolio, CV, contacts, etc.;
  2. for self-employed persons who are in the early Bolivia Phone Numbers stages of developing their company and are on the way to attracting new customers and gaining recognition;
  3. for small entrepreneurs who, like self-employed persons, are still only at the initial stage of the company’s development.

Mozello home page – creating it is not for everyone

This will cause additional expenses. Google Ads, Facebook ads, banner ads, and anything else that can help drive traffic to your website and drive sales.

When putting your website together like pieces of a puzzle, look at it from several perspectives. We offer you 5 recommendations that will be useful when developing a salable website.

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From problem to solution: how does a shopper decide where to shop?

Everything is based on the customer journey , which we mentioned earlier. Before a potential customer makes a purchase, he goes through several stages of the buyer’s journey :

  1. in the first of them – the awareness stage – he has a need, an interest in a specific product or service and he realizes that it is necessary to look for a solution. Realizing that there is a problem, the prospect begins to gather available information about it. How to? In a variety of ways – searching Google, asking acquaintances, collecting information from advertisements, social media, etc.;
  2. in the next – considerations – the potential customer collects various information and considers potential service or product providers who can provide the desired solution;
  3. this is followed by the decision-making stage , in which, taking into account various criteria, the potential customer considers which offer best suits his situation, wishes and means;
  4. finally, the potential customer enters the action stage , where he makes a purchase.

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