Customer Engagement: How to Monitor This Metric to Retain Your Customers for Longer

In recent years, Customer Engagement has become a valuable metric for Sales. Marketing and Customer Success departments.

In the midst of today’s competitive business environment. The philosophy of customer orientation is increasingly rooted in organizations. Allowing their actions and strategies to be aimed at satisfying their needs.

At the same time, the humanization of brands makes companies more friendly. Close and accessible, generating solid, constructive and lasting connections with users.

Thus, they become captive audiences and brand ambassadors. Which is a source of profitability, business opportunities and future income.

Precisely, the customer engagement is a thermometer that allows. To measure if these marketing strategies for clients are. Having an effect and determines how positive the results have been.

So what is Customer Engagement?

To define this metric for sure, you first need to understand what engagement is .

It is an anglo-saxon term widely used in the Training Directors Email Lists world of digital marketing. Which refers to the mutual commitment between a brand and its. Audience, especially demonstrated through interactions and communications between them.

This means that customer engagement is a metric that allows you to know how. Involved the customer is with your brand. Logically, the higher this indicator, the better!

If we define it in a more formal way, it could be explained as. The commercial connection that a consumer or user has with a company. Through different channels of communication and correspondence.

Is Customer Engagement the same as Customer Experience?

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The answer to this question is resounding: no! The customer engagement is the commitment of the client. And the customer experience the experience of the same .

Specifically, the customer experience encompasses the set of consumer. Perceptions after interacting with a certain company.

If we value this concept as a metric, we can say that the customer. Experience is “poor”, “fair”, “good”, “excellent” or any other adjective that describes their perception.

On the other hand, if we want to determine the degree of customer. Engagement, we would have to use adjectives such as “Moderate”, “Medium” and “High”.

You see it? These are metrics and indicators that do not ask. For the same thing, so that is the big difference!

But, what is a reality is that both concepts are very valuable. And have a direct relationship with each other, since an excellent. Customer experience is the main factor for having a high customer engagement.

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