Data-driven Marketing: the Methodology to Increasingly Promote a Brand in the 21st Century

Marketing has evolved and strategies must adapt to a new, much. More analytical environment. Discover how data driven. Marketing helps you make better decisions using data in your favor.

Digital marketing has become one of the most strategic areas within companies.

Being responsible for profiling buyer personas and creating the content. That wins them over, marketers may have trouble separating reality. From their own perception and experience.

And it is that in a scenario where, according to this ibm report. 80% of marketers make decisions based on traditional methods. Such as their instinct, a new methodology emerges that has more accurate. And grounded results: we speak of data driven marketing (or in spanish, data oriented marketing).

What is data driven marketing about and why is it an essential. Strategy for any company? Read on to find out!

What is Data Driven Marketing?

To go straight to the point, data driven marketing is the set. Of decisions and strategies created after the big data analysis of consumers. These data can be taken from first-party. Sources (own clients) and third-party (market and industry reports).

In other words, data driven marketing is a strategy that Investors Email Address organizes, processes and. Uses the massive information you have about your. Customers (current and potential) to obtain valuable insights about them.

Therefore, its objective is to understand even the smallest detail. Of consumer behavior in order to design more precise and. Results-oriented digital marketing actions.

What is not Data Driven Marketing?

Investors Email Address

Ahh, so, can it be said that data driven marketing gathers as much information. As possible about users? The answer is no. Specifically, data driven marketing:

It is not doing data mining ,
Is not the same as data science ,
It does not pretend to follow each and every one of the digital marketing metrics.
What differentiates data driven marketing from these actions is. Its strategic nature : all the data that a company collects fulfills a function. And that is to obtain real-time insights about consumers automatically.

Thus, data driven marketing only stores the data relevant to a business in an organized way. This with the purpose of guiding digital marketing. Actions to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers and build loyalty.

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