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If your life is more local , the importance of information sources UK Phone Number List from the environment also increases. The survey by State of the media Netherlands confirms this development. In addition, the data-driven virtual world has increased significantly in power and size, with fake news , elusiveness and a ‘big brother feeling’ that is increasing consumer mistrust. If people need UK Phone Number List trust, security and stability, this virtual world is too elusive. We see the now well-known ‘support your locals’ reflected in the importance and growth of regional media. Blocks with Every Day Is Different letters fake and fact. Regional media are also pre-eminently the media that are easily approachable, that you can consult with and that really know you and your company, because: the same region.

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He predicted that the virus would disappear on its own, he UK Phone Number tweeted  that bleach could be an effective treatment, he almost never wore a face mask himself and he repeatedly swore that the virus was under control. The president was not the first world leader to UK Phone Number List contract the virus. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were also previously infected. 8. The fly In the debate between US Vice President Mike Pence and his Democratic rival Kamala Harris, something remarkable happened: a bluebottle landed on Pence’s head and sat there for minutes. On social media, it was no longer about the content of the debate, but about ‘the fly’.

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The role of agencies is changing Trend 7. Data takes on new UK Phone Number List meaning Back to the 80’s 2020 got us into a different gear. Instead of downshifting to sixth gear, we downshifted at least two. As far as I’m concerned, delay is the word of 2020. This will ensure a new, narrowed focus in 2021. Budgets are shrinking, companies have changed course. The future is more UK Phone Number List uncertain and with it the course for communication and PR is also changing. In the past year, life actually switched back to the rhythm of the 80s, apart from the virtual development that accelerated at a rapid pace. You will also see the ’80s feeling’ in PR, in which the journalistic value and editorial thinking in particular take center stage in campaigns.

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