Digital Ocean: What It is, How to Use It, Advantages and Disadvantages

Digital ocean is a cloud hosting provider that has superior options. To traditional methods. Considered one of the top 3 in the business. Worldwide, its main attraction is its scalability, which. Allows you to have more resources as your digital presence grows stronger.

Are you developing a Digital Marketing strategy? One of the elements that cannot be missing is a blog .

At this stage some care is needed, among them is the hosting, since a poor quality service can harm the user experience.

We can understand the seriousness of this issue, considering that 53% of users abandon a page when it takes more than three seconds to load.

Therefore, it is better to choose a lodging with good quality. This guarantees that the visitor finds what he needs on the blog.

From that moment on, the visitor can become a lead and, finally, become a customer.

To help you choose a good hosting provider, we will present Digital Ocean, where we will cover the following topics:

What is DigitalOcean?
How did Digital Ocean come about?
Who should use cloud hosting?
How to use DigitalOcean?
Digital Ocean is a company, located in New York City, that offers cloud hosting, being considered the third largest in the segment worldwide.

One of its main characteristics is scalability,

Which means that it allows you to have more resources as your digital strategy progresses.

The scalability is due to the fact that Digital Ocean’s services are cloud-based , making it a superior option to traditional options.

Do you know what the Controlling Directors Email Lists difference is between both types of hosting?

In traditional hosting, your site is hosted on a server with a structure very similar to your home computer.

The machine has HD, processor, RAM memory, among other resources, but, naturally, the capacity of a piece of equipment of this type is greater than what you use in your day to day.

Traditional hosting can be dedicated , which means having hardware resources exclusively.

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In a cloud hosting , your site is not hosted on a server, but in a cluster of servers , that is, a set of machines that work in parallel, uniting their powers to offer a more advanced service in terms of storage and to processing.

When we talk about cloud hosting , we are referring to a network of servers working together.

This means working with the resources of several machines and having benefits such as better uptime and scalability, as we will explain better in this text.

In this way, we can imagine the quality of service offered by Digital Ocean, right? But, now let’s talk about the history of the company.

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