Discover What Conversion is in Digital Marketing and How to Increase the Rate of Your Website

Conversion: a very relevant term when it comes to producing quality content for. Your audience and leading them to take an action proposed in your marketing strategy.

For this to happen, the content needs to attract attention, that is. Think for yourself if it adds value, brings a solution to a problem. Satisfies a desire of your audience and if they are consistent with the objectives.

Those are questions you should ask when you think about what is conversion in digital marketing.

What is conversion in Digital Marketing and why is it so important?

Let’s see the following: if we look for the word “conversion” in the dictionary , we will find what it means, in its first meaning:

conversion: f. change from one thing to another and change of ideas, opinions and beliefs.

It’s not that different in marketing when we think of a social media business strategy or a website campaign.

At that point, we want our audience to Business Development Directors Email Lists take an action , be it a “Like” on Facebook, make a subscription to the blog or fill out a form with their personal data.

In all these situations we are hoping that the public, in addition to knowing the content and having their problems solved, stay longer on our site.

There, you will take positive actions that will guide

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You to the next phases of the funnel or sales funnel and allow us. To establish a conversion rate that will surely help you. Understand the achievements and failures.

The conversion process occurs precisely when a key action within your strategy. Is executed by the user according to the objectives.

The user stops being just an online person who was looking for. Something and has found it, to become a lead , a fan, a client, among others.

Do not forget that it is important that you have very clear what. Your business objectives are, with that it is easier to achieve success. Make the best decisions at each stage of the strategy and improve the mistakes made.

Allowing you to analyze, optimize and change, in case something does not correspond to what is expected.

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